Pop-By Checklist to Leave Your Mark

I hear from a lot of agents that it’s difficult to consistently stay in touch with past clients. You know it’s important but maybe you too find it hard to do it well for the long term. I’m going to share a system that works well to make it easy to leave your mark. 

  • Create and/or organize your contact list. 
  • This may sounds simple, but most agents don’t do it. Contact the people on your contact list! 
  • Send a handwritten card. Most people have gone digital so it’s a fun surprise when you find a handwritten note. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself with beautifully branded stationary that brings you to top of mind.
  • Schedule a coffee or lunch meeting, or host your own community event.
  • Plan four pop-by gifts in your calendar for the quarter. A subscription with a ‘lil something makes it easy and affordable.