September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day!

Friends…. This Saturday September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day! 

What a great day to celebrate!  As a Real Estate Professional, it’s always fun to use a special day to keep in touch with clients, friends, referral partners and of course neighbors!  You can also include neighbors to any listings you currently have or even have had in the past! It’s a perfect opportunity to remind everyone what you do and how you might serve them (and their referrals).  

Some ideas to celebrate! 

Host an open house at your office. It’s fall so maybe cider, apples, donuts… post it on Facebook and all of your social media and drop everyone an email and ask them to POP BY to celebrate. 

Organize a food drive, coat drive or other community event.  Be a Good Neighbor! 

POP BY this week… You can whip up a quick note to let folks know it’s National Good Neighbor Day and that you appreciate them! Bring some apple cider donuts, MUM’s , Pumpkins from your local farms.  (supporting LOCAL business is being a Good Neighbor!) 

We’ve got some great fall pop bys for you! You can check out our pop-bys and order…and visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date on a ‘lil something! 


“ A good neighbor is a priceless treasure” Chinese Proverb

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